Executive Search

Executive Search Firm & Leadership Advisory Services


Since 1998, JV Educational Consultants, has been committed to building, cultivating, and establishing lasting relationships. While providing high quality value to our clients, we are the executive search firm that provides outstanding leadership solutions for organizations committed to improving the quality of life. More so, it is important to note that we are the executive search firm specializing in the recruitment of leaders for organizations in business, entertainment, healthcare, higher education, k-12 education, law enforcement, and the not-for-profit industries.

As a premier executive search firm that provides global diverse leadership advisory, it is our mission to implement a refined executive search that will afford our clients the opportunity to develop and grow their organizations to their maximum potential.

JV Educational Search Process

We have a strong track record of recruiting senior leaders who are successful and meet their organizations’ needs. More so, our team brings an organizational efficiency to a process that can be rather challenging, complicated, overwhelming, stressful, as well as, time-consuming.

Our team uses an aggressive—hands-on approach to recruiting quality talent. We utilize a defined and refined proven process with clear benchmarks and goals—so that our clients always know where we are in the process.

  • Clear Define Objectives and Search Strategy Techniques
  • Facilitate Search Process and Interviews
  • Identify and Aggressively Recruit Candidates
  • Offer Negotiation and Closure

Succession Planning

JV Educational Consultants is dedicated to helping companies, educational institutions, and organizations map and maintain their future success by quantifying potential for continued or future success in Executive Administration, Instructional, and Mid-Management roles.

We work with CEOs, board chairs, and executive senior leadership to:

  • Align and create dynamic succession plans
  • Develop an understanding of available talent in the external market
  • Draft and review successions plans that are designed to meet the Gold Standards
  • Execute a seamless succession process
  • Identify and cultivate high-potential individuals who can drive organizational strategy

Executive Search Leadership Consultants

  • Elton Amos, MD, Health Care Administration
  • Patricia Brooks, Ph.D., Assessment and Leadership Development
  • Tiffany Burnett, M.S. Health Care Administration and Social Work
  • Clifton Butler, M.S., Business Management and Health Care
  • Commander Reginald Cooper, B.S., Investigations and Security
  • Alvin Daughtrey, M.S., Educational Leadership and Research
  • Ashley Harrell, Ph.D., Strategic Leadership and Planning
  • Melvin J. Harrison, M.Ed., Certified Auxiliary Services Professional
  • Alexander Hines, M.S., Diversity Training
  • Sabrina Jackson, Ph.D., Counseling and Leadership Coaching
  • Adrell Mannings, B.S. Human Resources
  • Denise McBeath, M.S., Educational Leadership and Teaching and Learning
  • Sean D. Meredith, MBA, Data Analysis and Budgeting
  • Chaka Nantambu, Ed.S., Educational Leadership
  • Said Sewell, Ph.D., Leadership and Public Policy
  • Kathleen A. Styles, M.S., Accountability and Transformational Leadership
  • Denise Weems, Ph.D., Teacher Leadership