JV Educational Consulting Services

JVEC offers a variety of consultation services to associations, colleges (schools), communities, foundations, higher educational institutions, nonprofits, nations and international collaborations to successfully implement and sustain strategies that lead to constructive student/faculty development, effective student and teacher leadership in education.

JVEC has over 100 years of combined experience in creating and revising educational programs for educational administrators, leaders, parents, students, and teachers.

JVEC provides:

  • Analyses of educational research and refined practices to colleges, schools and school districts, nonprofits, student and teacher serving organizations, national organizations and international collaborations to effectively engage administrators, students, and teachers, and in life-long learning.
  • Analyses of educational updates for educational leaders to create effective teaching, learning, student engagement and community collaborations.
  • Facilitates professional development for school/college leaders and practitioners to increase their capacity to support student achievement and success.

JVEC focuses on:

  • Assisting schools/colleges and other student serving educational institutions to strengthen learning by connecting their mission statement and the strategic plan to teaching and learning.
  • Styling professional development to assist schools and organizations to effectively educate, motivate, and train students to learn, as well as, and provide prescriptive instructional methods for educators.

Boris A. Crawford, Ph.D., President

Derek C. Hawkins, MBA, Vice President

J.A. Phelps, B.A., Secretary

Bayor T. Stewart, Ph.D., Member

D.M. Thomas, MS., Member

Professor Jà Hon Vance, Executive Vice President of Teaching and Learning

Today, he is highly praised and respected for his savvy work with academic testing, teacher education training programs, recruitment, educating and graduating African American male students in higher education, retention, as well as, redesigning developmental educational writing programs. When Professor Vance is not working with students and conducting instructional training sessions for educators, he can be found presenting workshops for H.O.P.E. Academy Leadership Institute, Innovative Educators, JV Educational Law Enforcement and Public Safety Conference, JV Educational Annual Males of Color Retention Conference, National Association for Developmental Education, Noel-Levitz National Conference on Student Recruitment, Marketing, and Retention, The National HBCU Faculty Development Symposium Conference, The National Youth At-Risk Conference, Oxford Round Table, and The QUEST: Minority Male Annual Conference.

Thus, it is imperative note that Professor Vance used a zero-dollar budget to operate a successful structural learning community by the name of QUEST that he designed and developed specifically for African American males to earn an Associate of Arts Degree in one year, while producing more than 15.5 million dollars in FTEs, as well as secured a 2.7-million-dollar grant from the U.S. Department of Education in 2011. To add to his academic leadership credit, Professor Vance made history and changed the educational teaching and learning platform by producing twelve consecutive classes of graduates from 2009-2021 at one of Maryland’s urban community colleges using his “One Year Degree Model Concept—The QUEST. Also, in 2019, Professor Vance received the Presidential Volunteer Service Award from the White House for his work in education.

In addition, his innovative writing concept—which implores the use of The Vance-Brooks Writing Model—provided successful outcomes over a four-year period that helped students matriculate from developmental educational writing courses to credit-level writing courses with the needed skills to advance in higher education. Lastly, Professor Vance’s philosophy for education is simple: “All persons are capable of learning, but the educator must be creative and skilled to reach, to teach, and to meet the various academic needs, but most importantly, the educator must act as the change agent that constantly works to foster continual awareness in every soul.”

Kathleen A. Styles, MS.Ed, Vice President of Educational Conferences and Executive Leadership Institutes

Ms. Styles has a wealth of educational and public sector experience in her career in higher education spanning over thirty years. Years of experience include expertise in Leadership, Program Development and Implementation, Instruction, and Training. Her love for students is demonstrated in the many years of dedicated commitment and experience in higher education. She has served in numerous professional capacities in higher education in Continuing Education, Academic Affairs and Student Services.

Ms. Styles has an impressive track record of achievements. She is an innovative, visionary, collaborative, collegial and transformational leader committed to exceeding standards for higher education through a high spirited "can do" optimistic lens accomplished by guiding colleagues to successful outcomes in the implementation of new and relevant initiatives.

Ms. Styles is highly recognized as an innovator with prescriptive measures for implementing change. She revolutionized advisement for students through the development and implementation of an intrusive milestone advisement model designed to improve college retention and completion. She also transformed advisement for college faculty and staff by providing much needed hands-on web based advisement tools designed to make advisement thorough, comprehensive and accountable for retaining and graduating students. Committed to successful retention and completion, she designed, developed, and implemented a major college retention initiative: The Performance Alert Intervention System which resulted in College Policy. Under President Obama’s Completion Agenda, Ms. Styles designed and developed a Completion Project which was institutionalized: Degrees of Excellence which provides automatic completion for students who have met degree/certificate requirements.

A valuable versatile professional with unlimited interests and abilities, Ms. Styles served as Co-Executive Director for the QUEST Program, an accelerated one year degree program for African American males. She also founded the WEDS (Women w/Extraordinary Determination for Success) Program, the sister program to the QUEST Program founded by Professor Jà Hon Vance.

Ms. Styles continues to be a visionary and strategist with a keen insight for successful outcomes. She designed and developed the Registration Issues—Community Engagement Forum-A semi-annual meeting for the college community to inform, enlighten and dialog about important issues affecting college recruitment, retention and completion. She has received numerous honors and awards for service in the higher education community and has delivered presentations at national conferences.

Colonel Edward C. Jackson, ABD, Director of Law Enforcement Training

Dawn E. Beckford, B.A., Executive Administrator

Twanna Canty, B.A., Mailing Standard Specialist

Tamera Farrar, M.A.,Director of Operations

Connor O'Sullivan, M.A., Director of Client Affairs

Paul A. Wentworth, Ed.S., Director of Scheduling

Elton Amos, MD., Health Education and Wellness Consultant

Patricia Brooks, Ph.D., Assessment/Teacher Education Consultant

Zeonobia E. Buchanan, M.S., Educational Administrative Consultant

Essence Butler, B.S., Civil Engineering Design Consultant

Alvin Daugherty, M.S., Education Research Consultant

Kimberly Du Bois, M.S., Speech Consultant

Nanette Grey, Ed.S., K-12 Curriculum/Special Education Consultant

Teresa Harper, M.S., Robotics and STEM Consultant

Ashley Harrell, Ph.D., English and Strategic Leadership Consultant

Cedric Harris, M.S., Computer Science and Math Consultant

Melvin J. Harrison, M.Ed., Certified Auxiliary Services Professional Consultant

Alexander Hines, M.S., Inclusion and Diversity Consultant

Colonel Edward C. Jackson, ABD, Criminal Justice and Law Enforcement

Regina Jones, Ph.D., Literature and Writing Consultant

Sandra Lykes, B.S., Career Development Consultant

Denise McBeath, M.S., Elementary Education Consultant

Sean D. Meredith, MBA, Data Evaluation and Grant Writing Consultant

Kwabena Natambu, Ed.S., Curriculum Planning and History Consultant

Gladys Powe, M.S., Career Services and Youth Leadership

Carolyn Reynolds, Ph.D., Elementary Education and Teacher Leadership Consultant

Kathleen A. Styles, M.S.Ed., Enrollment Management and Retention Consultant

Beveraly Wallace, MBA, J.D., Legal Affairs Consultant

F. Carl Walton, Ph.D., Faculty Coordinator and Student Affairs Specialist

Denise Weems, Ph.D., Assessment & Education/Teacher Training Consultant

Jeannette Wood, Ed.D., Business Management and Psychology Consultant