JV Educational Consultants Services

JV Educational Consultants training workshops are tailored to provide various educational learning opportunities for administrators, educators, parents, students, staff and faculty. Our facilitators are trained to coordinate quality services to fit the unique needs of each client.


Administrative and Staff Training

Classroom Management
Curriculum Training and Development
Customer Service Engagement Training
Interviewing / Resume Writing
Learning Styles/Multiple Intelligence
Lesson Plans Training
Management Training
New Teacher Orientation
Parental Seminars
Reading Programs
Staff Development for Faculty and Staff
Teaching and Learning Instructional Strategies
Technology Instructional Learning
Writing Across the Curriculum

Business /Civic and Community Organizations

College Academic Preparation
Customer Service Training
Diversity and Leadership Training
Grant Information
Organizational Communication
Professional Coaching/Mentoring
School Accreditation
Scholarship Information
Standards for Schools (Common Core)
*Study Abroad Summer Programs
SWOT Analysis Training
Team Building Training
Technology Training
Workforce Career Development
Writing (Business Communication)

Higher Education

Academic Schedule Planning
Accelerated Learning
Adjunct Faculty Training
Curriculum Design
Curriculum Vita Preparation
Classroom Survival Strategies
Developmental Educational Curriculum Design (ISTLC)
Developmental Writing Training
Dual Enrollment for High School Students
English/ESL Curriculum Writing Training
Enrollment Management Strategies
Faculty Development Training
Faculty Promotion Training
Fundraising for College Presidents and Deans
Graduation and Retention Program Training for Athletes
Graduation Rates Planning Strategies
Grant Development Opportunities
Journal Publication Training
Learning Communities
Minority Male Program Implementation Training
Program Review and Assessment
Retention Strategies for Students
STEM Educational Initiatives/Programs
Student Leadership Training
Study Abroad
The QUEST: One Year Degree Learning Model for Community Colleges
*The Vance-Brooks Developmental Writing Model

* New Programs

Parental Sessions

Academic Advising
Charter Schools
Diet for Children
Learning Styles
Multiple Intelligences
National Education Goals
Parental Involvement in the School
Parental Rights in Education
Private Schools
Public Schools
School Accreditation
Teacher Certification
Teaching and Learning
Testing (ACT/SAT)

Public Safety and Law Enforcement Training

Community Involvement
Criminal Justice - Professional Development
Crime Prevention
Education Advancement
Investigation Training
Police Leadership Administration
Police Research Report Writing
Safety in the Workplace
Security for Public Events Planning
Shared Governance
Technology in Policing


Academic Advising and Testing
College Tours
College Preparation/Scholarshops
Common Core Standards for Students
Dual Enrollment College Program
STEM Programs
*Study Abroad Summer Program
Success in High School Strategies
Testing (ACT/SAT Preparation)
Writing (Developmental/Academic)
Youth Empowerment Conferences
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