JV Educational Consulting Services

JVEC offers a variety of consultation services to associations, colleges (schools), communities, foundations, higher educational institutions, nonprofits, nations and international collaborations to successfully implement and sustain strategies that lead to constructive student/faculty development, effective student and teacher leadership in education.

JVEC has over 100 years of combined experience in creating and revising educational programs for educational administrators, leaders, parents, students, and teachers.

JVEC provides:

  • Analyses of educational research and refined practices to colleges, schools and school districts, nonprofits, student and teacher serving organizations, national organizations and international collaborations to effectively engage administrators, students, and teachers, and in life-long learning.
  • Analyses of educational updates for educational leaders to create effective teaching, learning, student engagement and community collaborations.
  • Facilitates professional development for school/college leaders and practitioners to increase their capacity to support student achievement and success.

JVEC focuses on:

  • Assisting schools/colleges and other student serving educational institutions to strengthen learning by connecting their mission statement and the strategic plan to teaching and learning.
  • Styling professional development to assist schools and organizations to effectively educate, motivate, and train students to learn, as well as, and provide prescriptive instructional methods for educators.
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